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Refund Policy

1. Refund Policy

1.1 Refunding cancelled orders
Cancelled orders that have been returned and received at the address listed on 1.3 of the returns policy will be refunded within 14 days of the goods being received. We regret to say we are unable to refund initial delivery costs and return delivery costs.

1.2 Refunding Damaged and Faulty Orders
Damaged or Faulty orders will be refunded within 14 days of the order being inspected by a member of the Somerset Willow Growers team and received via the address on 2.3 of the Returns Policy, orders found to be damaged or faulty will have the delivery cost also refunded in accordance with 1.3 of the refund policy. We reserve the right to not refund any damaged or faulty order which has been returned and received without a problem or fault.

1.3 Refunding Delivery Costs
1.3.1 Damaged & Faulty Order- Delivery Refunds
Initial delivery cost and return delivery costs on damaged or faulty goods will be refunded once the goods have been checked by a member of the Somerset Willow Growers Ltd, customers using their own methods of delivery to return orders will not have these costs reimbursed.

1.3.2  Cancelled Orders – Delivery Refunds
Orders which have been cancelled in accordance with 1.2 of the returns policy will not be. able to receive a refund on any part of the delivery to or from the customer.

1.3.3 Late, cancelled or missed - delivery refund
Customers who place orders using a delivery service of £10.95 or greater which do not arrive by the specified time will be able to make claim to a refund on the delivery cost, each individual case will be down to the discretion of Somerset Willow Growers Ltd,
We regret that deliveries missed due to the customer not being present to receive and sign for their order will not be entitle to a refund and in some cases may be charged an additional delivery cost.

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