Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

How will I soak the weaving materials that I have bought?

most willow up to about 7 foot long can be soaked in a bath of cold water, cane can also be soaked in a bath by bending the end and keeping all of the cane submerged. Other suitable methods of soaking craft materials include; inflatable padling pools and strong plastic sacks.

What type of willow should I use to make hurdle panels or fences?

The hurdling willow that we sell is an ideal willow for making hurdles this is because the willow is left unprocessed leaving the bark and most of the branches intact. This is ideal for filling all the small gaps up and makes this type of willow very cost effective compared to other proceesed willow.

How should I treat and preserve my hazel/willow hurdle panels?

We recommend brushing a good quality danish oil on to your hurdle, many other fence or wood treatment oils will also do the job.

what is the variety of willow that we sell?

the variety of willow that we sell is the 'black maul' variety it is a very good weaving willow and is favoured by many basketmakers.

What willow should I use to make Willow Wreaths?

we recommend using a 6 or 7 foot brown willow bundle but Buff, white and steamed 6 or 7foot willow can also be used.

Will all the willow in a bundle be excatly the same length?

As an example a 5 foot bundle of willow will hold an average of 5 foot in length this means that some willow will be slightly under 5 foot in length and some willow will be slightly over 5 foot in length.

What time of year am I able to purchase Living/Green willow?

All of our living willow is available from January to May.

How do I make a Basket?

Please see our Books category to find books on basketmaking

What material should I use as plant climbers?

Any Bamboo poles, 10/12mm Cane and 16/18mm tohiti acts as very good plant climbers and so does any 7-8 foot willow or willow sticks.

Why is the 'Euro willow' much cheaper than the 'Somerset willow' you sell?

This type of willow is much cheaper to produce because it is grown and prepared in eastern europe, it also does not have the qualities of our Somerset willow and therefore is at an entry level price.

which type of willow should I use to make a willow sculpture?

The best type of willow to use in a willow sculpture is 'Brown willow'. It is a great willow to use in this type of application as it has it's bark intact making it much more weather resistant.

What is Buff willow?

Buff willow is willow which has been boiled and then stripped of it's bark. The natural tanin in the willow when boiled brings out the browny orange colour which you can see in the finished bundles, it is a more refined willow and most commercial baskets are made using this type of willow.

What is Brown willow?

Brown willow is willow which has been cut, left to dry and then bundled with it's bark intact, this type of willow is great for any outdoor baskets as it is much more weather resistant.

What is White willow?

White willow is willow which has been cut and placed into pits of water and kept alive, when ready to strip it is taken out, stripped and then bundled. This then produces the lovely natural white colour that you can see in the bundles.

What is Steamed willow?

Steamed willow is willow which has been boiled and dried with the bark left on, this produces a dark black colour on the bundles and is of a similar texture and quality to brown willow.

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