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8" Soak Bags

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Ploythene Soak Bags

  • Bags should be 2 feet longer than the willow you intend to soak in order to leave room to tie up the ends.
  • To use the bags fold over a couple of inches and tie the folded part thightly with cable tie provided, then place your willow in the bag and fill with water, then tie the other end the same, the willow should then be left to lie flat while it soaks.
  • 500 gauge (125 micron) polythene.
  • OK, choose a soft or non abrasive surface like a lawn or old rug or carpet so as not to damage the bag. Lay the bag down and carefully bunch up one end double it over and secure tightly with one of the two plastic cable ties, pop the willow in, then the water and if necessary secure the top in the same way. I slight slope can help. For best results keep the bag lying down.

    For Buff Willow soak for an hour per foot and for Brown Willow soak for a day per foot.

    After the required time remove the willow from the bag and wrap in a damp cloth over night to mellow.

    Your willow is now ready to use.

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